Spirit Airlines agrees to $8.25M settlement over ‘gotcha’ bag fees

Spirit Airlines agreed to settle the bag fee lawsuit for $8.25 million, lawyers said Wednesday.

A group of Spirits who booked their travel through other sites between 2011 and 2017 filed a complaint against the airline in 2017, saying they did not disclose bag fees and surcharges or revealed

Passengers said they deliberately hid the fees to make more profit.

Plaintiffs and customers were misled and led to believe that they were paying cheap tickets and fees. While the actual fact is that Spirit consumers have to meet whatever discount is offered,” the lawsuit reads.

Those who didn’t pay for carry-on bags could be charged more than $100 at the gate, the suit said. The first checked bag costs $40.

Spirit’s fees are not accurately displayed on its site or on third-party sites, and passengers are often unaware of the fees. Members will receive up to 75 percent of the fees incurred, although payment is based on how many claim refunds from the suit.

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