Spirit Airlines Passenger Claims Plane Was Stuck On Tarmac For Seven Hours

The passenger shared his experience on the ultra-cheap airline by uploading a video on social media.

The passenger claimed in a TikTok video that around 200 people were trapped in the plane. At the bottom of the video, an alleged person asked how long he had been stuck, to which he replied, “Seven hours.”


  • The passenger claims that he was stuck in the plane for seven hours with nowhere to go.
  • Spirit said the delay was caused by “air traffic control and weather conditions”.
  • Spirit ranks as the second most complained about airline in the US, with flight delays, cancellations, and missed connections being the most common complaints.

An unpleasant experience

In another video uploaded much later, they can be heard offering a full refund if they want to get off.

These videos were uploaded on August 16, but it is not yet known when and where the videos are from. It can also be heard in the video that the problem occurred due to a lack of pilots.

If these events are real, they will be a reminder of what happened when pilots were fired all over the world. Spirit, on behalf of the passengers, said that the flight was due to the traffic controller and weather conditions.

Earlier this month, Wayman Aviation Academy also became the latest college to join Spirit Airlines’ Spirit Wings Pilot Pathway.

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