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Additional charges apply to you when you book or are about to book a Spirit flight, like the selection of seats, bags, etc. One option among all of these is the Spirit Shortcuts Security Add-on.

Spirit security shortcut security allows you to join the first-class lane. This not only saves you embarrassment but also saves you valuable time.

How to Purchase Spirit Security Shortcut? 

All passengers can purchase spirit security shortcuts. And there are three options to buy it.

Avail the service from the extras section during booking.

  • Passengers who have already booked a flight. They can avail of the option “My trips” on the official site. This feature allows you to add additional services later.
  • Passengers must check to see if the Shortcut security is offered on their AI. Here is a list of locations where the service is offered.

Spirit Airlines Zone 2 Shortcut Boarding

Here are the steps for Spirit Airlines Zone 2 Shortcut Boarding:

  • Take a ticket that includes Zone 2 boarding
  • Check-in online or at an airport kiosk.
  • Keep a printed boarding pass with you or have it ready on your mobile device.
  • Head forward and go through security.
  • Head to the gate and look for the sign that designates Zone 2 boarding.
  • Show your boarding pass to the gate agent.
  • Go past the jetway and board the plane.

Spirit security shortcut Availability

This service is available at 18 airports, the list of these airports is given below:

  • PHX – Phoenix, Arizona
  • RSW – Fort Myers, Florida
  • SAN – San Diego, California
  • SJU – San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • ATL – Atlanta, Georgia
  • BOS – Boston, Massachusetts
  • BWI – Baltimore, Maryland
  • CLE – Cleveland, Ohio
  • DEN – Denver, Colorado 
  • DTW – Detroit, Michigan
  • FLL – Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • LAS – Las Vegas, Nevada
  • LAX – Los Angeles, California
  • LGA – New York, New York La Guardia
  • MSY – New Orleans, Louisiana
  • OAK – Oakland, California 
  • ORD – Chicago, Illinois
  • PDX – Portland, Oregon

Spirit shortcut boarding

The airline offers short-cut boarding to reduce long waits. It does not apply to a TSA check and must be purchased by individual passengers.

Some of its advantages are listed below:

  • It does not have a term. It’s Shortcut Security that makes boarding easy.
  • Passengers who want to take shortcut boarding will have to purchase it additionally.

Boarding Zones

A lot of people need to learn about airline boarding and these things are not that easy. You have to be patient for that.

For those who want to know how the boarding process works, let’s see:


  • Disabled passengers
  • Passengers who require special assistance

Zone 1

  • Those who bought a carry-on bag.

Zone 2

  • Who bought skateboarding
  • Those who have silver or gold
  • FreeSpirit® cardholders travel with the World Elite MasterCard® and FreeSpirit® Travel MasterCard®.

Family Boarding

  • Families with children 3 and under

Zone 3

  • General Boarding
  • Usually the back half of the plane

Zone 4

  • General Boarding
  • Usually the front half of the plane


Yes, the airline gave a refund canceled flight.

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