Spirit Airlines Name Change & Correction

In today’s business environment, companies occasionally need to review and define their identity. The aviation industry is no exception, with airlines sometimes opting for name changes. In this article, we examine Spirit Airlines’ recent changes, the reasons for such decisions, the challenges faced, and the implications for the airline and its passengers.

What is a name change and correction?

A name change in the business world involves changing a company’s brand identity, which may include modifying the business name, logo, or both. Correcting a name, on the other hand, usually involves correcting errors in an existing name to ensure accuracy and consistency.

Legal considerations

There may be legal issues behind the name change. Trademark disputes or legal disputes may require a rebrand to avoid potential litigation and protect company assets.

Financial implications

A name change is not a simple process and can have financial implications. Companies must allocate resources to update marketing materials, signage, and digital assets to reflect the new brand identity.

Spirit Airlines Name Correction Process

The process of correcting a name involves a series of systematic steps. This includes a comprehensive review of all existing misnamed content and developing a plan for their remediation.

Spirit Airlines Name Correction on the Ticket Fees

Name correction within 24 hours of ticket booking is free. If you apply for a name change after 24 hours, there will be a fee depending on the type of name change.

Fee for Spirit Airlines Change Name on Ticket

Fare ConditionsName Change/Correction Fees
change fee 225 USD
Rebooking fee 250 USD
name correction up to 3 letters225 USD
For flight segment from different airlines in the booking225 USD
Name correction that requires special approval from the airlines175 USD
Changing the ownership of the ticket200 USD
Name change in a  genuine case of typo errors150 USD
Name change requests for Europe-bound flights250 USD

Customer involvement and communication

Keeping customers informed throughout the name correction process is vital. This involves not only communicating the change but also actively involving customers in the transition.

Updating online presence

A name change requires a comprehensive update of the company’s online presence. This includes the official website, social media profiles, and other platforms where the brand is represented.


In conclusion, a name change or correction is a significant undertaking for any company, especially in an industry as competitive as aviation. Spirit Airlines’ recent experience provides valuable insights into the complexities and considerations involved in such a transition. By understanding the reasons, challenges, and benefits of a name change, companies can navigate this process with greater confidence and ensure a positive outcome.


The duration of a name change process can vary, but it often takes several months to ensure a smooth transition without significant disruptions to operations.

Airlines may encounter challenges such as customer confusion, financial implications, and potential backlash from stakeholders during a name change.

Effective communication involves crafting a clear and compelling message, utilizing multiple communication channels, and actively engaging with customers throughout the process.

Yes, there can be a temporary impact on SEO rankings during a name change. Proper planning and execution are essential to minimize any negative effects.

Spirit Airlines’ case study emphasizes the importance of transparent communication, proactive customer engagement, and strategic planning for a successful name change.

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