Spirit Airlines Pilot training

Spirit Airlines is a popular airline in the aviation industry. People take pride in Spirit Airlines pilot training. This program is security dependent. A good program curriculum provides good facilities and equips aspiring aviators with the skills to confidently take to the skies. Let us tell you how you can participate.

Eligibility Requirements for Spirit Airlines Pilot Training

  • The minimum age should be 21 years.
  • Be a citizen of or work in the USA
  • Get yourself cleared by government agencies such as drug and legal agencies.
  • Carry an FAA medical certificate if you have obtained a CFI and Instrument Airplane license.

Spirit Wings Pilot Pathway Steps and Benefits

Cadets will receive a job offer after passing the Spirit Pilot interview, and will be notified when they have completed the hours required for the Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate!

ATP/CTP and Jet Transition courses must be completed before completing 1,500 hours. After completing all requirements for the certificate, you will be assigned to initial training as a Spirit First Officer.

How To Participate

  • Apply for high-speed flight training.
  • Become a certified instructor.
  • Reach 500 hours.
  • A recommendation for an interview
  • Spirit approved ATP/CTP

Minimum Requirements To Become a Spirit First Officer

  • Complete the ATP.
  • First-class medical
  • Valid passport
  • The right to work in the United States

How does it work?

To be considered, you must complete their Airline Pilot Pathway – USA program at CAE Phoenix Aviation Academy.

After graduation, you will be eligible to apply to grow into a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) at CAE Phoenix Aviation Academy in Mesa, Arizona. Once your time reaches 500 hours, you will be eligible for an officer post in Spirit.

After attaining the minimum flight experience required for ATP, cadets will be expected to fulfill the ATP-CTP course administered by CAE, if necessary.

Upon completing the ATP-CTP course and the accompanying written exam, cadets will be assigned to the next available new hire class at Spirit Airlines upon meeting the minimum requirements.

Why Choose Spirit?

One of the youngest and most fuel-efficient in the company.

Instant upgrade opportunities from Officer to Captain.

Ten of the company’s bases are in or near major metro areas in the United States.

Good company training and good standard of living.

Airline Pilot Central Profile for more information

How much can I earn as a Spirit Pilot?

Here is the Spirit Pilot Salary on an hourly basis. Changes in pilot pay are on a different basis, such as type of aircraft and years of experience, etc. For example, this is for the Airbus A319, A320, or A321.

First OfficerCaptain
Starting: $59/hrStarting: $189/hr
Average: $139/hrAverage: $216/hr
Top: $167/hrTop: $252/hr

FAA Requirements for the Private Pilot Certificate

In the 1950s, the Federal Association set a minimum flight time of 35 hours, including 28 hours of training. A lot has changed since the previous times.

The Cost

Cessna Training Kit$352.03
Aircraft Rental @ $189.50 / hour (53 hours Cessna average*)$10,043.50
Flight Instruction @ $77.50/hr (40 hours Cessna average)$3,100.00
Ground Instruction @ $77.50/hr (15 hours pre/post flight )$1,162.50
Written Test$165.00
Medical FAA $90
Check-ride FAA$500


Rigorous pilot training and good facilities

Candidates complete the Airline Pilot Pathway – USA program at CAE Phoenix Aviation Academy. And then progress to the rank of First Officer.

It offers fuel-efficient fleets, bases close to cities, good training, and comfortable living for pilots.


In conclusion, the Spirit Airlines pilot training program equips candidates with good skills for a confident career, which offers upgrade possibilities and good conditions. It stands as a prime choice for candidates in the industry.

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