Does Spirit Airlines have wifi?

You want to know, does Spirit Airlines have wifi? So the answer is yes. Additional charges apply for using Wi-Fi. Most budget airlines do not have Wi-Fi, which makes traveling very dull. They spend all their time offline. Due to this, they cannot use any video or social media.

If you want to purchase Wi-Fi access on your next flight, just keep an eye out for the Wi-Fi icon. In earlier times, people could not even imagine that airplanes would have internet facilities. But Spirit now offers high-speed Wi-Fi on its Airbus A320 and A321. Many questions about this are asked to customer service. Airline forums are full of people complaining about bad Wi-Fi.

Table of Information

Spirit Airlines WifiSpirit offers Wi-Fi on A320 and A321 aircraft with additional charges.
Wi-Fi Plans and PricesBrowsing: $3.99 to $11.99 and Streaming: $6.99 to $14.99
How to Buy Wi-FiDuring booking or via a link in the booking confirmation.
Access InstructionsDirect connect or scan QR codes on seatbacks and tray tables.
Wi-Fi FeaturesState-of-the-art high-throughput connectivity with SES and Hughes technology.
In-Flight Wi-Fi ProviderThales Group through the HTS satellite system.
Wi-Fi RefundVisit the airline’s webpage to request a refund.

How much does Spirit Airlines charge for Wi-Fi?

Spirit Airline Wi-Fi pricing consists of two different parts:

  • Browsing plans start at $2.99 per flight to browse the web.
  • Streaming plans start at $5.99 per flight with 20x faster speeds.

You can also buy it at the time of booking. When you buy it, you will get a voucher code that you can use on the flight.

What is Spirit Airlines Wifi?

The Spirit Wi-Fi is a one-of-a-kind travel companion. It provides visitors with everything they love to see. It was not available on airlines until some time ago. But now it is possible with the help of technology.

How Much is WiFi On Spirit Airlines?

Spirit has two Wi-Fi plans. For this reason, its payment is also different. So how much does Wi-Fi cost on Spirit Airlines based on the trip?

  • Wi-Fi browsing costs: $3.99 to $11.99.
  • Wifi for streaming ranges from $6.99 to $14.99.
  • You can also buy these plans online.

How to Buy WiFi on Spirit Airlines?

There are two ways to buy it,

How to Buy WiFi on Spirit Airlines
How to Buy WiFi on Spirit Airlines

Before boarding

Buy Wi-Fi first while booking a seat. This option will be present under A la Smarte which you will see with the Wi-Fi logo or symbol. Select this option and pay for it along with seat booking. Otherwise, there is a link attached to the booking confirmation to purchase Wi-Fi on the airlines.

Post boarding

  • The following steps guide how to access in-flight Wi-Fi on Spirit Airlines.
  • Go to and select ‘I have a voucher’.
  • Next, select any Wi-Fi service from the available WiFi options on Spirit Airlines and pay accordingly.

Subscription Plans and Packages

Here are the packages and plans Spirit offers to customers to purchase:

WiFi Browsing Inflight Package

It’s Spirit Airlines’ in-flight WiFi browsing package aimed at travelers who want to buy precisely $2.99.

WiFi Streaming Inflight Package

There is an internet connectivity package which is the Wi-Fi Streaming Inflight Package for only $5.99 and it depends on the subscription and packages depending on the browsing package.

How to Use Spirit Airlines Wi-Fi?

There are three ways to connect to Spirit’s Wi-Fi after boarding. Read these instructions to learn how:

Direct Connect

  • Switch your mobile to airplane mode.
  • You are connecting to WiFi on Spirit Airlines by detecting Wi-Fi in your mobile.


Portable devices can read QR codes for seatbacks, tray tables, and food packets.

It will then switch to

  • Go to the site and select the ‘I have a voucher’ option.
  • After that, enter the code as instructed and enable Wi-Fi.

The same method applies to the buying of in-flight Wi-Fi. People who have already made a purchase can log in with their code and use the Wi-Fi.

(Write the code ahead of time to prevent access to email and other programs without Wi-Fi.)

Not free, but Affordable! 

Spirit delivers on its promise of being an ultra-low-cost airline by offering a wide range of services and reducing costs. Therefore, Spirit does not include Wi-Fi in the ticket price. Passengers can customize services based on their needs and pay accordingly.

Features of Spirit Airlines Wi-Fi

  • State-of-the-art high-throughput connectivity
  • FlytLIVE uses the next-generation aviation satellite network and technology from SES and Hughes.
  • Ka-band coverage was added to SES-17 so that it could serve service routes spanning the Atlantic and the Americas.
  • SES-17 is the company’s first satellite with a fully digital payload. Thanks to the Thales Advanced Digital Transparent Processor (DTP), it has more flexibility and performance than ever before. According to the data, Spirit plans to use Thales’ FlightLive and SES-17 to provide the best service in the US and be faster than other airlines.

How does in-flight Wi-Fi work?

During the flight, the aircraft connects to the Wi-Fi antenna. On the ground, it connects to the antenna under the seats. Connects to a rotating satellite while traveling in the open ocean. The plane turns on in the hot spot, allowing the devices to connect and access the Internet.

Pros and Cons

Pros of Spirit Airlines Wi-FiNot free, passengers need to pay for Spirit Airlines’ Wi-Fi
In-Flight ConnectivityNot free, passengers need to pay for Spirit Airlines’ Wifi
High-Speed InternetPricing Transparency
Entertainment Options (Supports Netflix)Service Quality – May vary based on factors
Available in All PlanesRefund Process
Dedicated Customer SupportLimited Free Period

Bottom line

Wi-Fi option is available in all Spirit airlines. It is a low-cost carrier but its Wi-Fi system is quite fast and its coverage is quite wide.


It does not include Wi-Fi charges in the ticket fee to keep prices low. This is an additional service that passengers need to purchase.

Its net speed is good, moreover, you can buy different speeds for browsing and downloading according to your budget.

Scan the barcode on the back of the seat or on the food tray to purchase onboard Wi-Fi.

Spirit Airlines had an agreement with Thales Group. that it will use its HTS satellite system for high-speed Wi-Fi service onboard.

There are currently no deals or discounts available. Keep watching the company’s social media accounts for new discounts.

Visit this page to request a wifi refund.


Spirit Airlines offers high-speed WIFI onboard powered by Thales Group’s Ka-band HTS satellite-based system. Passengers can connect and stream Netflix during flights. For inquiries or assistance, contact Spirit Airlines at 800-772-7117. WIFI cost details are not provided. WIFI is available on all planes. A website not affiliated with airlines or governments.

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